Land Development

The residents of projects we develop rely on infrastructure systems designed and engineered by our land developers and urbanists for a better quality of life.
Our team of experts have the qualifications and experience to carry out a project from concept to execution. 

Retail Revitalization

The success of our company relies within our expertise researching, assessing, and valuing the properties in which we invest.
We transform strategically located under-performing assets into first class retail locations, spurring growth and enriching surrounding neighborhoods. 

New Construction

We strongly believe on creating exceptional value through our selection of finishes and thoughtful  layouts. With an unwavering commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail in every project, we build first class real-estate from the ground up.

Create with the heart,
build with the mind.

Throughout the years, we have become a leading developer in the Pittsburgh region, collaborating hand in hand with national home builders. We have established longterm relationships with a number of key players in the industry, urbanizing hundreds of acres year over year.

As part of our strategy we also develop and revitalize commercial and industrial projects, complementing our portfolio of income producing properties. 

  • Combining knowledge and experience with fresh ideas
  • Self-funded, organically growing through our own liquidity
  • Dedicated to our work and our communities
  • Committed to honesty and integrity

Our company has been built on trust and respect. These values have enabled us to build long-term relationships with the contractors, home builders, lenders, and municipalities that are essential to our success.

Our Trajectory

Now that we spend so much time at home it matters so much more than ever to be part of a well planned neighborhood where our children can thrive.

Sara Mordoc


We really wanted to live in a community that made pedestrians a priority. Having sidewalks allows us to feel safe to go for walks with our children.

John William

Community Resident

Happy clients

We are a human centric developer driven to connect people through the communities we build.